Northern Shenandoah Valley



NEXT SINGING:  Saturday, May 1, 4- 8 pm (note: no April singing; join us at the Potomac River Convention and don't forget the double all days, June 3 & 4) 

WHEN:     the 1st Saturday of most months

WHERE:   Singing Hall, 2336 Salem Church Rd, Boyce, VA 22620

TIME:       4- 8  pm

BOOKS:    The Shenandoah Harmony & The Sacred Harp

DINNER:   pot-luck dinner at 6 pm

SOCIAL:     Yes! 

CONTACT: Kelly  or John - jdelre at visuallink dot com or 540 955 2660, or see Northern Shenandoah Valley facebook page

WANT MORE SINGING?  Home of Kelly & John, 2nd & 4th Tuesdays, 7-9 pm, next up:  March 28, April 11 & 25